Improve literacy outcomes.

With the Learn to read with Pip programme you can improve literacy outcomes, make use of your technology and support parents.

You can use it at school on your IWB, classroom PCs, iPads and laptops. Or children can use it from home with their parents.

Best of all, children love using it and it follows the reading programmes you're already familiar with.

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What the teachers say

Claire Kirkham

Reception teacher at Brandwood, Bolton

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"Pippop learning is a fantastic resource for teachers, pupils and parents. It can be accessed through a variety of sources and is very simple to use. Children love the games and stories and it is easy for teachers and parents to see how well children are achieving. It is fun, engaging and most importantly an excellent tool to support the EYFS curriculum and KS1 National Curriculum."

Logo samworth

Kate Sicolo

Head of KS1 at Samworth Academy, Leicester

"We are using the app every day and the kids love it! It is by far the most popular thing we use."

Logo sultan

Charlotte Neary

Early Years teacher at Sultan's School, Oman

"The Learn to read with Pip app is a fantastic resource for the classroom. My pre-school class absolutely love using it as a whole class on the interactive whiteboard or individually on the iPad."

Logo ashburnham

Cordelia Chu

SenCo at Ashburnham Primary, London

"The children like the videos linked to the curriculum and the games are fun and interactive!"

What you get

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Structured Programme

The Learn To Read With Pip Programme is a carefully crafted curriculum that introduces your child to the correct reading concepts in the correct order. The programme follows a Phonics approach, the same approach taught in all UK schools, to provide children with a reading toolkit so they can read indpendently and confidently.

10 minutes a day

We believe the best way of learning is to make it regular and fun. The Learn To Read With Pip Programme has been designed around daily ten minute sessions. Each session has its own particular learning objective which is supported by different activities.
For example, you might watch an animated story that introduces a new letter and its sound, then play a game to practise identifying that letter and finally read a story to see that letter sound in real-life context.

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Animated Videos

Stories captivate our imagination and fuel a child's passion for reading. We use animated videos to engage children and introduce them to new concepts and new characters. Our bank of educational videos includes Collect Letters with Pip, Animals, Fairytales, Nursery Rhymes, Learn Maths With Pip and Explore the World.

Reading Scheme

Practise makes perfect and our Interactive Reading Scheme is the perfect way for a child to apply their learning to reading a story. The scheme increases with difficulty as your child's reading sophistication improves.

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Interactive Phonics Reading Pad

If your child gets stuck on a word, you can tap that word to pull up our Pip Phonics Reading Pad. This interactive tool allows children to actually 'see' how the sounds work together with their own eyes.